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2017 Open Teams

  Our 2017 open teams are now accepting applications! We are so excited to offer these opportunities to serve! Led by an MVI staff member, our open teams are for those who want to get out there into the mission field without traveling with a particular church. Team members come from all around the country, […]



MVI World Missions Conference 2017

January 11-14, 2017         “Those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness  will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:17(b) Conference Speakers: See Dr. Erick Schenkel’s Bio HERE. See Jacks Taylor’s bio HERE.   Dear Missionary Ventures Family,   Our World Mission Conference, January 11-14, is approaching […]



2016 Gift Catalog

God’s kingdom operates differently from that of the world. In our world of finance,” little” remains little, and “much” is quite a distance from “little”. However, kingdom finance is radically different from the world. Jesus likened the operation of the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed – very little in its original form, but when planted grows into […]



Hurricane Matthew

The most powerful Hurricane in a decade, Matthew, has left thousands displaced in Haiti. From reports from the field we know many streets are flooded and many houses are without roofs. Bridges and roads are washed out. As you know, Haiti is one of the world’s poorest countries with many already living in flimsy housing […]



MVI Announces New President

Within the last month, MVI has brought on a new leader to charge the organization with renewed focus on strategic growth and implementation. Bill Snell, MVI’s new President, is no stranger to Orlando, or the life-changing work accomplished by Missionary Ventures. Snell has been a pastor in the Orlando area since 2000, and formally served […]


Field Coordinators

A Field Coordinator is a full time missionary sent to represent MVI in a country and culture different from his/her own. Field Coordinators provide a link between the Sending Regions and the Mission Field. It is through the direction of the Field Coordinators that short-term mission teams actively participate in missions and indigenous ministry takes place. In order to effectively utilize resources and teams from Sending Regions the Field Coordinators work closely with the MVI Offices.

Regional Directors

  • du Toit, Hugo and Salome (Southern Africa)
  • Plowman, Phil (Asia/Pacific)

Country Directors

  • Holowecky, Susan (Peru)
  • Loftsgard, Eric and Marilyn (Nicaragua)
  • Purcell, Randy and Brenda (Guatemala)

Field Coordinators

  • Ayala, Alfonso and Elizabeth (Belize)
  • Behnke, Karl and Debbie (South Africa)
  • Boone, David and Katie (Nicaragua)
  • Bubna, Kevin and Katherine (Mozambique)
  • Clark, Steve and Shawn (Marshall Islands)
  • Cosigua, Edgar and Anita (Guatemala)
  • Cotrina, Alex (Peru)
  • Dang, Tim and Julia (SE Asia)
  • De Bruin, Pieter and Mari (Swaziland)
  • Deborah Deren (Kenya)
  • Elliott, Elisabeth (Nicaragua)
  • Fulk, Cody and Michaela (Uganda)
  • Guynn, Rex and Melinda (Uganda)
  • Harding, Nigel and Kathy (Uganda)
  • Hire, Josh and Jennifer
  • Kurrle, Norberto and Nancy (Paraguay)
  • Lakes, Emmy (Kenya)
  • Ledford, Scott and Susan (Honduras)
  • LeRoux, Jaco and Inge (Mozambique)
  • Lockett, Ed (Haiti)
  • Maloney, Eben (Kalahari Region)
  • Matlack, Brad and Camie (Kenya)
  • Miller, Paul and Mary Ruth (Caribbean)
  • Musgrave, Jason and Sonia (Guatemala)
  • Naumann, Tommie and Gunilla (Greece)
  • Potter, Cathy (South Africa)
  • Quezada, Elli and Lila (Mexico)
  • Ramirez, Boris and Beth (Guatemala)
  • Ratliff, Elizabeth (Zambia)
  • Renshaw, Brian and Tania (Vanuatu)
  • Rieger, Candy (Haiti)
  • Rojas, Roberto and Marilyn (Ecuador)
  • Rose, Brenda (Nicaragua)
  • Simon, Bud and Karen (Dominican Republic)
  • Stairs, Tim and Pam (Costa Rica)
  • Sucher, Rick and Barb (Dominican Republic)
  • Ternes, Moises and Sarah (Nicaragua)
  • Vybiral, Gene and Heather (Nicaragua)
  • Wolfram, Don and Mary (Ecuador)
  • Zuleta, Obed and Cara (Guatemala)

Field Specialists

  • Crook, Patricia (Uganda)
  • Loftsgard, Ericka (Nicaragua)
  • Norman, Karel and Myra (Nicaragua)
  • Rosenberger, Luke and Ellen (Nicaragua)
  • Russell, David and Kristina (Nicaragua)
  • Sandahl, Nathan and Corinna (Nicaragua)
  • Tice, Joe (Peru)

Field Administrators

  • Dara, Malaki and Beulah (India)
  • Gamedze, Hlalisile Fortunate (Swaziland)
  • Gonzales, Philip (Philippines)
  • Vasey, Rolly (Philippines)

Field Associates

  • Adams, Michelle (Nicaragua)
  • Cabrera, Henry and Yadira
  • Galindo, Ana
  • Garber, Lon and Val (Namibia)
  • Ibarra, Marta (Nicaragua)
  • Noriega, Gilberto and Ruth (Guatemala)
  • Norman, J.T. (India)
  • Pinto, Erick G. Soledispa (Ecuador)
  • Zalutskij, Nikolai and Elena (Russia)

Ministry Partners

  • Bible Schools: Bob and Avis Stegemann
  • Bible Schools: Chip and Kathy Holmes
  • Bible Schools: Dale and Kaye Brooks
  • Gary Lemberg
  • Rebecca Baker
  • Colin and Judith Carson
  • Threads of Hope: Al and Gail Barrett
  • Ben and Marian Bakker