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Pharmacy Students Help in Nicaragua

Pharmacy Students Help in Nicaragua

A short-term medical team made up of pharmacy students from the University of Florida joined me to work with doctors. They not only work in the pharmacy but also they sit with the doctors to see how doctors determine the right medications to give. After the patients are seen, they receive counseling on how to […]



New House in Haiti

Thank you to The Church Mouse for making it possible to build a home for this family in Haiti. Video submitted by Candy Rieger, Missionary Ventures’ missionary in Haiti



Hello from Church in Karamoja, Uganda

Video submitted by Missionary Ventures’ missionary Nigel Harding working in Uganda. Thank you for your support for churches like this one in Tepeth, Karamoja, Uganda.



Kids’ Bible Club in Kenya

Missionary Ventures’ missionaries Brad and Camie Matlack work in Kenya. They share some video of Kids’ Bible Clubs happening at several churches in their area. They were able to reach over 400 children with the good news of Jesus plus a meal and some fun. Thanks to everyone who donated to this project. If you […]



Short-Term Mission Team Lights Up Hospital in Guatemala

Short-Term Mission Team Lights Up Hospital in Guatemala

The Mazur Electrical short-term mission team came to update the lighting and electrical system in our local “hospital” here is Guatemala. Their great work got lots of notice by the employees and patients. After the lighting updates a medical short-term mission team came to do their yearly week of consults and surgeries at the hospital. […]


Prisoners in Zambia Receive Hope

Article submitted by John & Cathy Potter, Field Coordinators in South Africa

These are the highlights of my recent trip to Zambia. However the Lord always surprises us with many other answers to prayer like:

 Miracle for Chingola Prison

As the team baptized the last prisoner in Chingola the chaplin approached the team and asked whether we would help to build a chapel for the prisoners. We asked what materials were need and then said we would pray about what could be done. After ministering at a church in Kitwe we were approached by a businessman who wanted to know what needs there were in our ministry. We shared with him about the need to finish the chapel in the Chingola prison. After sharing he said he would have a truck loaded the next day with all the materials and have it delivered to the prison. What a mighty God we serve!

Helping the elderly

Whilst visiting the Kabwe Maximum security prison we met a very old lady. She had no family and was kept by the prison because there was no one to care for her although she had finished her prison sentence. The team was able to assist her with money for charcoal and food. I will never forget how thankful she was. It is such a privilege to be part of God’s work.

Two young pastors receive new bicycles

On one Sunday we went to Chondwe prison where we shared the gospel. A seven hour return journey but well worth the drive. Many gave their hearts to the Lord and were baptized. Just before we preached we met two young pastors who had also come to share the gospel with the prisoners. They were both at Bible school and had borrowed two bicycles to attend the service. Elizabeth Ratliff (MVI Field Coordinator in Zambia) felt led to bless the two young pastors with their own bicycles so that they could keep up the good work. The look on their faces was incredible to say the least. They left that prison having received a miracle of God’s provision for their ministry. It was just so wonderful to see what God did in the lives of these two pastors. I would love to have been there when they got home and told their families about their unexpected blessing.

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