For more than 40 years I’ve ridden motorcycles and enjoyed the fresh air, feeling of freedom and the joy of a country road. Riding with my sons and touring with my wife became my favorite pastime to get away from the rigors of pastoring. An occasional track day with the boys as well as a good dual sport weekend seem to always be a way to clear my mind and get away from the stresses of life.

I sensed God doing something new in my life in 2008 when I resigned the church after pastoring 45 years.  Shortly after that decision, I was invited by Missionary Ventures to begin to mentor their national pastors around the world and what a joy this has been. Yes, there was some seller’s remorse when the Goldwing, which was given to me for my 40th anniversary in the ministry, was sold, the dirt bike, sport bike and the four-wheeler all went out the door.  We were on a NEW mission, and there was no time to ride because the plan God had for us became the most important thing in our life.

My first trip to a “certain country” was in 2007 with my wife Kaye, Dr. Peter Knight and his wife, Maureen.  When we arrived it seemed like a step back in time.  However, when I stepped into my first church, I found life, hope, joy and evangelism was like wildfire!  The music was more vibrant than any I had ever heard, they danced, they worshiped and they were lost in the presence of God.  It didn’t make any difference that you could see through the walls of some of their buildings, they had a heart after God and were experiencing His presence.

In 1990 “this country” the Assembly of God had 90 churches with 12,000 members, and today they have over 2,000 churches and more than 7,000 house churches and thousands of cell groups with more than 5% of the country’s population attending churches.  Baptist mission groups also testify of revival and church growth with these staggering numbers.

Our second trip was in 2009.  I was asked to take a team into this country.  As we traveled, we were humbled by their graciousness, by their love, by their heart after God.  I remember a team member washing the feet of one of the pastor’s wives; I’ve never felt the presence of God stronger than in that moment.  I came home asking the question:  “How much would you give up for more of God?”  It’s easy for us, with all our comforts and conveniences, to say everything, but are we serious?   That’s what they do!   They give anything and everything for the church and its betterment to see the kingdom move forward!

In 2010 I had the privilege of giving away four motorcycles for Missionary Ventures, provided by the Christian Motorcycle Association. I remember the District Superintendent calling me and telling me of the harassment one of the pastor’s had received after we left.  His motorcycle was impounded and he was placed on house arrest.  They joyfully accept this harassment, because to them they rejoice because they’re not being persecuted and killed for their faith.

In 2011 we returned again and we were privileged to give away eight motorcycles for Missionary Ventures, once again provided by the Christian Motorcycle Association.  The results of that missionary effort allowed these men, who are over 15 to 25 churches each, to be far more mobile, to reach farther than they ever had, and do more than they have ever done.  Let me share with you the exact words from their report:

May God continue to bless you beloved brethren.  On behalf of our district we want to thank God for you Dale Brooks, Missionary Ventures and Christian Motorcycle Association for your contribution to spread of the gospel, facilitating the transportation and making the job easier.

We want you to know that you donated eight motorcycles that are used for the supervision of missionaries and churches in areas that are allocated and used in the following:

  1.  Distribute literature (Bibles and evangelistic materials)
  2. Preaching the Word of God.
  3. Planting new mission fields/churches.

We testify that through your donation we have established a total of 14 new mission fields/churches and eight of them became independent as new churches.  We also have evangelistic reports confirming professions of faith totaling 12,443. We glorify God for it and let you know that without your contribution this would not have been possible.”

Let me say it again! 12,433 souls saved and 14 new churches established, eight of them becoming self-supporting in six months!    All possible because of the heart of Missionary Ventures and the Christian Motorcycle Association to touch the world!

Thank you and God bless you and all you have done!


By Dale Brooks

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