Missionary Ventures International was founded in 1983, in Orlando Florida, by  founder and former-president Steve Beam. It sprang from an initial involvement by Steve’s younger brother Dave and others in Guatemala after a devastating earthquake there in 1976. In support of local churches short-term mission teams were mobilised to help relieve some of the suffering and in so doing they earned the right to present the wonderful gospel of Christ to the people of that country.

From these humble beginnings involvement spread into other areas of ministry such as Bible teaching, leadership development and church planting, Christian Education and vocational training, the establishment of medical facilities and feeding programs for underserved populations.  Discipleship is the common thread which binds our ministries together at Missionary Ventures.  Whether training a pastor, educating a child or preparing a short-term team member for their cross-cultural experience we want to see lives transformed and people growing in recognition of the Lordship of Christ.

Today, this vision has grown to include the development of MV Great Britain, MV Canada, MV South Africa, MV Australia, MV New Zealand.  We are ministering in 75 nations with more than 140 families in the field.

Many, many thousands of people across the world have come to know Jesus personally through the work of Missionary Ventures. By God’s grace the influence of the organisation continues to grow rapidly. Everyone is encouraged to become a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and a part of missions – from working full-time on the field to becoming a prayer partner. The strengths of Christians here and abroad combine to make a mighty force.