A New Home in Guatemala

Gladys and her four children lost everything when Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano erupted last year. The eruption killed hundreds and displaced thousands. Gladys and her children escaped with their lives, but like many others, their home was gone. But last month they were presented with a new home, built in partnership with Missionary Ventures, Catalyst Resources…

The Cost of Discipleship

By Joshua Hire, missionary in Peru   Recently 14 men and 2 women traveled to the Shawi Discipleship Center in Peru to learn more about God. They came from 9 different communities in all corners of the jungle. They came by boat, motorcar, walking and in the back of pickup trucks. They came in through…

What Does it Mean to be Empowered?

At Missionary Ventures, we often use the word “empowered” when we talk about reaching the world with the Gospel. There are so many believers out there on the cusp of making an incredible impact for the Lord. But something has held them back. Maybe they haven’t had enough training, Maybe they lack some motivation, Maybe…

How Do You Involve the World?

  How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It’s an old saying, but it’s a timeless principle when it comes to tackling a large goal. At Missionary Ventures, our goal is the one set before us by the final words of Christ. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…

A School for Alisbell

When Alisbell Ocón was born with Down syndrome, friends and neighbors assumed she would never go to school. In Nicaragua, children with disabilities are often viewed as a burden, because it is assumed others will need to care for them their entire lives. Many families view an education as a needless waste of time and…

Advice for Mission Trips

We asked you on social media to give advice to someone going on their first mission trip. We got so many great responses! The most common were to “be flexible” and to “pray.” Here are some of the rest.  “It isn’t about the work you will do. It is about the friends you will make.”…

Old Machines Bring New Life

Too old to be used by God? Not for a collection of sewing machines!   The old Singer sewing machines were accidentally shipped from Europe to a business in Sanford, Florida. Although the shop owners specialized in re-purposed antique wood and industrial antique machinery, they didn’t have a specific use for the sewing machines, and…

Dying of Hunger No More!

The village of Chifwa Nsala in Zambia had two watering holes – large, dirty holes protected by fences made of sticks. They didn’t have a well, so instead they relied on these two holes to fill with water each rainy season.   With buckets or barrels, in cans or carts, they had to gather water from…

The Empty Desk

Too often, Lizzy’s school desk was empty. The teachers would call her name, “Lizzy Paola?” yet there was rarely an answer. She became known around school as the student that hardly ever showed up at class. Like many other young people in Honduras, Lizzy was struggling to find some peace and satisfaction within herself. No…

The Peanut Church

I can still remember walking across the field of peanut plants in Malawi, about to speak to an extraordinary group of people. These believers were all former Muslims who lived in the same area and came to faith in Jesus […]

Snowmobiles Start Churches In Russia

Years ago, Missionary Ventures helped young Pastor Nikolai Zalutsky, who is now a Bishop, to start a Bible school in Pskov, Russia. He had a vision to plant churches all over Russia […]

The Crazy Adventure of Building a School

I love God stories. I’d like to tell you one story that started five years ago when we’d gone to Matagalpa, Nicaragua, to purchase the property for a school […]

Our Calling Is To Love

When Adam Olson went on a short-term trip medical mission trip to Nicaragua, it changed his perspective about life, love and the mission field […]

A Job Provides a Way Out

Lydia’s father passed away when she was young. At 16, when she was part way through her high school, her mother became ill and she had to drop out of school for lack of fees […]

Seminary in the Amazon

Missionaries Don and Mary Wolfram hold seminary classes in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador. “Most students are jungle tribal people with no opportunities to attend a seminary level Bible school,” says Don […]

The Story of Sonflower Cottage

The most exciting thing happened to us this year. Salma and Elvis Garcia, who live with us and share the ministry load here […]

Founding a Vocational School in Nicaragua

In 2007, after serving as a teacher at Nicaragua Christian Academy and learning more of Nicaragua’s culture and struggle, missionary Mike Deibert prayed for God’s continued call for him in Nicaragua […]

Helping a Guatemalan Church Reach Their Community

Missionaries Obed and Cara Zuleta have been encouraging a local Guatemalan church to reach out in missions […]

From Missionary Kid to Medical Doctor

My name is Juan Pablo Noriega Herrera. I am […]

House Party in Mexico

In Oaxaca, Mexico, the youth are responding to Jesus! […]