Discipleship is the common thread which binds our ministry initiatives together.

Whether training a pastor, educating a child or preparing a short-term team member for their cross-cultural experience, we desire to see lives transformed and people grow in their recognition of the Lordship of Christ.

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One of our greatest joys is to equip pastors and Christian leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective disciple makers. Well-trained leaders are key to a healthy and growing church.


We are committed to spread the gospel where the church has yet to reach. We seek to foster and support the advancement of church planting movements around the world.


We partner with local churches around the world to develop healthy Christian education programs. We invest in and empower Christian schools to form active disciples of Jesus Christ; equipped to impact society through their spiritual discernment, moral courage and academic excellence.

Health and Community Development

We desire to see families and communities thrive. We seek to see individuals become not only followers of Jesus but also see families lifted out of the cycles of poverty and disease. Our strategy includes contextualized community health training, medical centers, vocational training, re-nutrition centers and clean water initiatives.


We mobilize ordinary people, just like you, in extraordinary ministry opportunities. Find out more, and help us mobilize more people to reach the world.